“Joint forces drive to continue till last militant caught”, says Bangladesh PM amidst worsening human rights condition

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The prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, on Monday said the joint force will continue their drives until the last militant and terrorist in the country, engaged in destructive acts since January, is caught.

‘The joint drive will continue to resist subversive activities of the militants and terrorists so that they cannot reassemble and prepare for doing so again,’ she said, reports United News of Bangladesh.

The prime minister was speaking at a video-conferencing with the district development committees of Manikganj and Sunamganj at the cabinet division conference room. She said every person of the country needs to remain alert so that no subversive and militant activity could take place in the country in the future.

‘The police, RAB and BGB have to stay alert all the time in every place of the country. If any subversive activity happens in any place of the country, the joint force will conduct drives right away,’ PM said.

Hasina said the government has to ensure all-out security for the people of the country. ‘So, we have to remain alert and vigil and ready to protect them,’ she said.

The prime minister said this joint operation will continue until this sacred land of Bangladesh is freed from militants and terrorists. ‘We must work together to that direction,’ she added.

Hasina criticised BNP chief Khaleda Zia for what she said her destructive activities since January 5 taking Jamaat with her side.

‘I don’t know what the BNP chief had wanted, she kept herself confined to her Gulshan office and supplied petrol bombs and cocktails,’ she said.

Hasina said Khaleda Zia will be treated as a ‘hated person’ for her destructive politics.

Worsening human rights situation in Bangladesh:

In an earlier analysis of the situation of the country, it was found that in two months after the 5th of January 2015, 81 people had lost their lives due to being victims of instances of alleged “crossfire”, “gunfights”, “truck accidents” at the hands of law enforcement agencies, along with being victims of torture and shootings at the hands of opponents; majority of the dead belonged to the opposition twenty party Grand Alliance. During the same period, at least 1,500 cases had been filed against the activists of the opposition 20-party Grand Alliance throughout Bangladesh, and at least 20,000 activists and leaders had been arrested by the law enforcement agencies.

Human rights experts, media personnel and opposition activists confirmed that the situation had only gotten worse since then. Experts opined that such a statement by the Prime Minister is bound to escalate tensions and contribute to a further worsening of the already dire situation of human rights in the country.