Jamaat Never involved in anti minorities violence since 1946, says Goyeshor

bhola temple vandal

BNP standing committee member, Goyeshor Chondro Roy stated, that Jamaat did not play any role in the recent communal riots. “History has witnessed that Jamaat has never been involved in any communal riot since its creation in 1946. In all the cases the arrestees were found to be Awami League members”. He made this statement at a meeting in Bhashani Hall, Naya Paltan. He was the chief guest and the meeting was arranged by Krishok Dol, (Farmer’s Party, a branch of BNP), to celebrate Independence Day of Bangladesh (on 24th March).

Roy also stated, “Shahbag has failed and thus the government has brought forward ‘communal violence’ issues. Awami League (the incumbent government) itself carried out the violence and wants to put the blame on BNP/Jamaat alliance. The same court is passing conflicting verdicts on different people, given the same charges and circumstances.”
“Courts are handing their verdicts based on the appearance of a person(on basis of Awami League affiliation)”, he complained.
Roy said the Government has become autocratic and is using the judiciary and police, with a small handful of followers, to carry out its policies of repression.
“Police have been given a license to kill people indiscriminately.” he further commented.
Roy cautioned the government saying, “They will have to step down eventually, and how will they feel if we use the same repressive policies and administration against them.”
He said people fought the liberation war and vast majority had returned to their own professions afterwards; and only a minority had joined the fight for the purpose of looting to become rich.

Others who addressed the meeting were: BNP vice chairperson, Ms Selima Rahman; chairman of Jubo Dol, Mojaeem Hossain Alal; krishok Dol leader, Jamal Uddin; and was chaired by Krishok Dol Secretary, Shamsuzzaman Dudoo.

Source: Daily Natun Barta