Jamaat Leader’s Wife Arrested after Police Failed to Find the Leader

handcuffs arrest

Dhaka News – February 12, 2015: Police of Bogra Thana arrested Jamaat leader Azmal Hossain’s wife as they couldn’t find him. Police arrested her on Wednesday night. While asked about any alleged crime, police replied, “Involvement with Jamaat politics.”

Police from Sadar Police Station conducted a drive out on Wednesday night around 2:30 a.m. at Chadmuha village, Gokul union, Sadar subdistrict. Police arrested Sheuli Begum Wife of Azmal Hussain, union Jamaat secretary of Ghokul village, as they couldn’t trace him. Abul Basar, O.C. of Sadar Thana informed they seized his wife for questioning as the Jamaat leader wasn’t found. While asked about allegation O.C. said he works for Jamaat.

Meanwhile, the district Jamaat has condemned and expressed concern over the incident of arresting the wife of a Jamaat leader at midnight. Sadar subdistrict Jamaat Ameer Professor Rafikul Alam and Secretary Maulana Abdur Rashid has asked for immediate release of Sheuli Begum.

Meanwhile Gaziur Rahman, senior assistant police superintendent, in charge of the media wing of the district, informed that a total 19 activists of BNP & Jamaat has been arrested over the last 24 hours on allegations of subversive activities.

Source: Dhakar News