Jamaat leader Mujaheed’s war crimes trial summary submission on November 26

Supreme Court has sought the summary of war crimes convict Jamaat-E-Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujaheed’s appeal against his death sentence by November 26.

Chief Justice Muzammel Hussain led five members’ bench of the Appellate Division gave the order on Thursday noon after a hearing.

Mujhaheed’s lawyer Jainul Abedin Tuhin stood for hearing while Attorney General Mahmubey Alam along with Additional Attorney General MK Rahman participated for the prosecution.

On August 1st Mujaheed filed an appeal challenging the death penalty given by the International War Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-2 on July 17 in five of the seven war crime charges.

Convicts lawyer Advocate Tajul Islam said they had placed 115 arguments challenging the death penalty. Seeking Mujaheed’s release they have submitted a 3,800-page document, with the main appeal consisting of 95 pages.

Earlier on 29 June 2010 Jamaat leader Mujaheed was arrested in a case for hurting religious sentiment. Later he was shown arrest on August 2 in the cases for committing crimes against humanity during the country’s liberation war in 1971 as a collaborator of the West Pakistan.

However the ICT-1 kept pending to deliver the verdict against Jamaat Chief Motiur Rahman Nizami anyday.

Source: BD Chronicle