Islamic Scholars demand Sayeedi’s Acquittal


Eminent Islamic scholars of Bangladesh claimed in a joint statement that a deliberate conspiracy has been going on to remove the scholars from their duty to serve Islam and the holy Quran and ultimately to eradicate Islam from the country. In this consequence, as they added, the globally renowned Islamic scholar Allama Delwar Hossain Sayeedi has been charged with false accusation with the intention to harass the country’s Islamic society. In the statement the scholars says, “We want immediate acquittal of Delwar Hossain Sayeedi”.

The scholars said, “Maolana Delwar Hossain Sayeedi is a prominent Islamic scholar and Quran researcher. He has been preaching the teachings of Quran for almost half a century. As a preacher of Islam he has been venerated by millions of people around the world. He has challenged people in large conferences even in the parliament that he was not involved with any political party before 1978 (which has come into media many a times). Then the scholars said that despite of all these evidences he has been charged with some made up allegations and he has been sanctioned life imprisonment. We strongly demand review of this verdict”.

The signatories of this joint statement are eminent Islamic scholar Maolana Muhiuddin Khan who is the standing member of Rabeta Al Islam and the President of Shommilito Ulama Mashayekh Parishad (Combined Council of Islamic Scholars), Emir of Bangladesh Khelafot Andolon and the convener of the Islamic Parties Maolana Shah Ahmadullah Ashraf, Emir of Islami Oikkojot Maolana Abdul Latif Nijami, senior Naib E Emir of Bangladesh Khelafot Andolon Maolana Ataullah, Shaikh-ul-Hadith Maolana Zainul Abedin, Maolana Zafarullah Khan, Maolana Mahiuddin Rabbani, Dr. Maolana Khalilur Rahman Madani, Pir of Shahtoli Maolana Abul Bashar, Emir of Farayezi movement Abdullah Muhammad Hasan, principal of Jamia Emdadia Madrassa Maolana Abu Taher Jihadi, Pir of Sharshina Maolana Arif Billah Siddiqui, Pir of Mirersarai Maolana Abdul Momen Naseri and Pir of Tekerhat Maolana Kamrul Islam Said Ansari.

Council of Jamiot E Ulama E Deoband

One hundred and ten Islamic scholars, alumni of subcontinent’s most prestigious Islamic institution called Darul Ulum Deoband said in a joint statement, “Allegations against Maolana Delwar Hossain Sayeedi is like playing fool with the Muslims. If the government doesn’t free Sayeedi immediately it will not be able to control the resentment of the country’s devoted Muslims and Islamic scholars.”

The signatories of this statement are Maolana Muhaddis Abdullah Kashemi, Maolana Abu Bakar Siddique Kashemi, Maolana Mufti Abdul Latif Kashemi, Maolana Ahmod Ali Kashemi, Maolana Abdul Mannan Kashemi, Maolana Shahidul Islam Kashemi, Maolana Harun Kashemi, Maolana Sulaiman Kashemi, Maolana Akhtar Hossain Kashemi, Maolana Mufti Shahidul Islam Kashemi, Maolana Mufti Abdul Hannan Kashemi, Maolana Abdul Ajij Kashemi and Maolana Abu Taher Kashemi.

Pir of Mirsarai

Pir (religious guru) of Mirsarai, internationally renowned Islamic scholar Shah Sufi Alhajj Maolana Abdul Momen Naseri demanded immediate acquittal of Moalana Delwar Hossain Sayeedi in a statement. He said, “Allegations against Allama Sayeedi has been proved false in the highest court of Bangladesh. Falsehood has been driven out. It is the victory of Quran. Allama Sayeedi has been preaching Quran for fifty years all around the world. Many people have returned to Islam after hearing Sayeedi’s speech. Usurers have left their business of usury, non Muslims have accepted Islam and many lost souls have found the path of righteousness.” Finally in the statement he wished for Allama Sayeedi’s good health, long life and demanded immediate acquittal from the cases.

Translated from: Daily Naya Diganta