Indians vow to stop Tipai dam


The Affected People’s Association of Tipaimukh dam (APATD) has vowed that it would fight to the end to make the Indian government stop the construction of the proposed dam as it would displace a large number of people.
“The authorities must take cognisance of the people’s concern and immediately stop construction of the proposed Tipaimukh dam, else people will fight to the end,” said a resolution adopted at a meeting of APATD at Khawpuar on Thursday.
APATD General Secretary Lalpekliana said the height of the proposed dam, to be built in northeastern Indian state of Manipur, would be 162.8 metres and it would submerge an estimated area of 31,950 hectares displacing a large number of people living in the villages of northeastern Indian states of Manipur and Mizoram.
Besides, a rich biodiversity, flora and fauna would also be destroyed, he said.
APATD President Lalthulien Joute said no amount of money could compensate the loss of land and livelihood to be destroyed due to construction of the dam.
The Tipaimukh hydro-power project has caused widespread concern in Bangladesh for its possible bad effects on the flow of river water in the lower riparian country.
However, India has repeatedly assured Bangladesh that nothing would be done to harm the interests of Bangladesh.

Source: The Daily Star