ICT senior defence lawyer, Tajul Islam, arrested from Paltan office in Dhaka


Senior defence lawyer at the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal, Advocate Tajul Islam, has been arrested in the past few hours from his office premises in Dhaka’s Paltan district. Islam was arrested along with his colleagues from the offices by Detective Branch police.

The police arrested them without producing any warrant. Bangladesh Channel 24 along with several other channels have confirmed the arrest although the Detective Branch are not admitting to the arrest.


Tajul Islam represents several of the senior leaders of opposition Jamaat-e-Islami at the International Crimes Tribunal. He currently serves as Lead Counsel for the defence at the International Crimes Tribunal. He has also frequently appeared as spokesperson for the defence in news media and on talk shows.

Opposition defence lawyers have faced arrests in recent months, with Islam the latest to face arrest. Azmat Hossain, defence lawyer for the opposition and responsible for the defence of many opposition student activists behind bars, was arrested in early February. Meanwhile, charges of vandalism have been filed against Barrister Abdur Razzak, chief defense lawyer at the International Crimes Tribunal, who has since faced threat of arrest. Razzak is currently based abroad. He denies all charges as fabricated.