ICT defence lawyer, Tajul Islam, released hours after arrest


Paltan Police Station released Advocate Tajul Islam, a defence lawyer for opposition Jamaat, along with his associates after arresting them from their law chambers in the Paltan district of the capital, Dhaka.

Tajul and his associates was arrested at 7.45PM and was released at 10.30PM. Initially police denied the arrest but upon investigation by lawyers, Tajul Islam was found incarcerated at Paltan Police Station.

His associate lawyer, Advocate Shishir Manir, confirmed the release to reporters at 10:40PM stating, “Police arrested him due to a misunderstanding. Police later released him. After his release we came to the chamber.” 

Advocate Tajul further informed reporters that as ICT defense lawyers they have ordinances from the International Crimes Tribunal making clear they cannot be harassed or arrested by security forces in hindrance of their legal work. Upon showing these to the police, they agreed to release the lawyers. Tajul further stated that in light of this the lawyers have no allegations against the police at present.


The defence lawyers’ chamber is located in the City Heart building of Naya Paltan. They work in that chamber to prepare their case for the Jamaat leaders who are being tried in the International Crimes Tribunal. Police arrested Advocate Tajul from this chamber.

Advocate Tajul Islam is representing Muhammad Kamaruzzaman and other Jamaat leaders as a defence counsel in Bangladesh war crimes tribunal. He is currently serving as lead counsel at the International Crimes Tribunal.

Although a lawyer for the opposition, Advocate Tajul is himself not involved in politics and maintains his activities to his professional legal field. Some lawyers have observed that the arrest of such an individual may be considered tantamount to interference in the administration of justice.

Security forces have declined to comment on the events.

Source: Sheersha News & PBNews Report