Ibn Sina Medical College and Hospital raided by police

IBN Sina

Law enforcement coalition forces reportedly raided the Ibn Sina Medical College and Hospital in Dhaka on Monday March 9 2015. Witnesses informed that it was a raid without warning and with no apparent legal warrants. 300 armed law enforcement members reportedly raided every room in the college, including the male doctor’s common room where they broke cabinets to search for “jihadi” materials. They arrested ten people including staff who were severely beaten, a ward boy and two patient attendees who were taken as suspects seemingly due to their having beards. The police interrogated all staff including females and there are accusations of major destructive vandalism of hospital property.

Although the people arrested were later released, this incident has terrified the hospital staff and patients. The medical college has halted their classes after the incident, although the regular hospital services are still continuing.

Administration and citizens who are regular visitors of IBN Sina Trust for health services have voiced concerns at the targeting of a hospital for what is being perceived as political reasons. The Trust’s founders are associated to the political opposition. One member of staff reported that such police visits have become increasingly frequent. However, Monday’s raid was on an unprecedented scale.