Human Rights Watch Worker Deported from Bangladesh


Leushobhan, a 45 years old Norwegian citizen and Human Rights Watch (a human rights organization) worker had to leave Dhaka. He has been accused of working against the independence of the country, Bangladesh. He was asked to leave the country by the government based on this accusation. He left the country on 11th of February with the help of the Norwegian High Commission. A personnel from the ministry of home, political wing confirmed that he was not harassed by any means and was escorted to the aircraft with due respect.

It has been confirmed by the relevant sources that he Human Rights Watch worker went to visit the area of Mukundpur Choumuhuni, Kaliganj in Shatkhira district on 10th February. Around 3pm that day he visited the destroyed houses of Jamaat-shibir members including the houses of Jamaat activist Ruhul Amin and Jamaat leader Abdul Quddus (who is currently on the run). He also paid visits to the affected business organisations of Jamaat-Shibir members. Then he went to the pharmacy called ‘Ahsaniya Pharmacy’ run by Jamaat leader Abdul Quddus and looked for people including Saiful who were affected by the government violation and inquired about their sufferings. While doing this he was stopped by the members of detective’s organisations and law enforcing organisations.

Leushobhan, his interpreter Abdus Selim (40) from Gazipur and local area resident Momin Gain (24) were arrested and taken into Police custody at Kaliganj, Shatkhira. Police claimed Momin Gain to be a Shibir activist/member. Leushobhan was interrogated about his aim to do these activities and his passport was under investigation until 7.30 pm. Police escorted him back to Dhaka after his identity was confirmed by the Norwegian High commission. Although he didn’t want to leave the country before his visa expired the government forced him to do so and therefore he had to leave the country on 11th of February.

Leushobhan came to Bangladesh with one month on an arrival visa. He then visited Shatkhira district due to the recent raids that took place there. He paid visits to the houses of some of the government party members first and he was very much welcomed and associated by the law enforcement agents. But the situation radically changed when he went to visit the opposition party (Jamaat-Shibir) member’s houses. It was stated by a source of the Foreign MinIstry that Leushobhan came to Bangladesh a month ago and was staying in a hotel in the diplomatIc zone of Dhaka. He visited some areas of Khulna district where he took some pictures of recent violations which could be alarming for the country’s safety stated by a personnel of the Foreign Ministry. So the law enforcement agents sent him back to Dhaka and made sure that he is safe until he reaches his hotel.

Leushobhan’s passport details have been delivered to the airports of Bangladesh with a letter containing his photo and saying that he could be alarming for the safety of the country. So if he tries to enter into Bangladesh or apply for visa next time he will be refused straight way.

Translated from Weekly Probash