How A Journo-couple and Saudi Diplomat Were Murdered in Bangladesh?


David Hoffman

Journalist couples Sagar Sarwar and Meherun Runi were brutally slaughtered inside their residence in Dhaka few years back. The then Home Minister Sahara Khatun told the media that the mystery behind this gruesome murder would be unveiled in 24 hours.

The Minister did not or could not keep her public pledge. Because a very influential quarter inside the government were directly involved in this crime. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Security Advisor Major General Tareque Ahmed Siddique plotted this murder and got it executed by his trusted aide at Rapid Action Battalion– Colonel Ziaul Ahsan. Investigative journalist Meherun Runi got access to the detailed information and evidences of high-profile corruption centering quick-rental power station projects as well as some of the gas and oil mining projects in Bangladesh. Should Meherun Runi be able airing all such facts on ATN Bangla, a private television channel where she worked it would be a real nightmare for the ruling party and bunch of thugs surrounding the Prime Minister of the country. When the matter of Meherun Runi’s effort in putting a series investigative reports on this rocking high profile corruption came to the knowledge of Maj. Gen. Taruque Ahmed Siddique through ATN Bangla’s owner Mahfuzur Rahman, the Security Advisor to the PM directly instructed RAB officer Colonel Ziaul Ahsan to ‘clear the dirt’. Accordingly few members of RAB in plain clothe went to the residence of Meherun Runi as per directives of Colonel Ziaul and murdered the journo couple. They searched the entire house to get hold of the evidences of the high profile corruption. But there had been nothing as those materials were already handed over by Meherun Runi to one of her trusted friends.

Saudi diplomat Khalaf Ali was also murdered at Dhaka’s diplomatic zone named Gulshan during late hours. The Security Advisor earlier assigned some of the members of army intelligence and Rapid Action Battalion to closely monitor activities of American, British, Pakistani, Chinese and Arab diplomats in Dhaka. The Saudi diplomat Ali was tracked by the intelligence wing of RAB and army intelligence as he was almost regularly visiting the residence of Barrister Abdur Razzak, a leader of Jamaat e Islami. At the directives of Maj. Gen. Siddique, RAB officer Colonel Ziaul Ahsan led the killing squad to kill the Saudi diplomat. Khalaf Ali was stopped by a vehicle and Colonel Ziaul pulled him inside. While the vehicle was on move, Colonel Ziaul pressed bullets inside the body of the Saudi diplomat and when he was already dead, they threw the dead body of Khalaf Ali on a road side near his residence in Gulshan.

BNP Leader Chowdhury Alam was also picked up by RAB men under directives of Maj. Gen. Tareque Ahmed Siddique and later Chowdhury Alam was murdered through suffocating his breathing and his dead body was buried by plain-clothe RAB men at Azimpur graveyard in Dhaka. Another leader of BNP, Ilias Ali was abducted by a team led by Colonel Ziaul Ahsan. He was later murdered inside RAB-1 and his body had been secretly buried inside deep forest in Gazipur district.

Major General Siddique also blueprinted murder of BNP’s senior vice chairman and son of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, Tarique Rahman, who lives in London for treatment. A killer hand has been hired from Russia to murder Tarique Rahman and the killers may accomplish the mission during winter of 2014.

David Hoffman writes on various international issues. He is currently doing research work on empowerment of urban and tribal women in Thailand.