Holding Key Players in the Government of Bangladesh Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity Before the International Criminal Court


WASHINGTON, June 27, 2013 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Bangladesh’s democracy is in crisis under the pressure of state brutality and human rights violations. Recent months have witnessed extrajudicial civilian massacre by state security; increased harassment, arrest and torture of opponents, including attacks against Nobel Laureate Mohammad Younus and arrest and torture of Amar Desh newspaper editor Mahmudur Rahman; and the closure of opposition media including Diganta TV, Islamic TV and Amar Desh newspaper.

In response, a submission has been made on June 27, 2013 on behalf Human Rights and Development for Bangladesh and Bangladeshi-Americans in Greater Washington DC, to the International Criminal Court (ICC). It implicates members of the Bangladesh government and state security in crimes against humanity, petitioning the ICC to investigate and prosecute those responsible. Bangladesh became a state party to the ICC Treaty on March 23 2010.

Identified violations include (for further information follow hyperlinks): tortureforced disappearanceextrajudicial executions and mass murder. Cases include that of Mahmudur Rahman, reported by Amnesty; police abduction of Shukhoranjan Bali, a defense witness of thecontroversial and discredited International Crimes Tribunal (ICT), reported by Human Rights Watch and abduction and execution of Aminul Islam, a labour rights organizer, reported byAmnesty.

Mass murder cases include the massacre of at least dozens of pro-Sayedee protesters by police on February 28, 2013 following the controversial conviction of opposition leader and religious scholar Delwar Hossain Sayedee. Also mentioned is the massacre of Hefazat-e-Islam protesters, an apolitical religious group, by armed police and paramilitary during Hefazat’s sit-in in Dhaka on May 5 and 6. Rights group, Odhikar, identified 61 Hefazat deaths to date, stating casualties are difficult to determine due to government information suppression. Asian Human Rights Commission and Hefazat report thousands missing.

The submission implicates leaders, including the Prime Minister and Home Minister, and those directly participant in violations including Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Benazir Ahmed, Mehdi Hasan of Dhaka Police Motijhil district and Pradip Das of Chittagong Patchlaish Police Station.

The Bangladesh authorities are committing crimes with impunity, enjoying immunity from domestic law. The ICC is therefore petitioned to investigate and bring the accused to justice.


1. A press conference is to be held on June 27th 2013, 3:00 PM -4:00 PM at The National Press Club, The Murrow Room.

2. For further information contact: justiceforbd@outlook.com or 718-541-1401,

SOURCE Human Rights and Development for Bangladesh and Bangladeshi-Americans in Greater Washington DC