Hindu temples attacked by Awami men

bhola temple vandal

Criminals have vandalised idols in Shiva temple in Joipurhat’s Kalai subdistrict. On the otherhand in Daudkandi, Kumilla, a temple was vandalised and set on fire. Our correspondents report:

Idols inside a temple in Kalai, Joipurhat, were vandalised by some criminals. This has caused huge anger among local Hindus. According to local sources, on last Tuesday night some criminals vandalised a number of idols inside a Shiva temple in front of Punat high school. The local chairman and police OC have inspected the scene. The caretaker of the temple has said, “I have been looking after this temple for last 7 years. This is the first time such an incident of vandalism took place.”

The police OC in charge of Kalai police, Torikul Islam, has said that he has visited the scene and necessary legal actions will be taken.

Vandalism and arson attack on a temple in Daudkandi:

Criminals have vandalised and set fire to a Kali temple in Muhammadpur village of Daudkandi sub district. This took place on Tuesday night at Banikbari, of Chapatali village. This has caused panic among local Hindus. The local chairman Mr Shahjahan says, “We Muslims and Hindus have been living here peacefully since a long time. The criminals have done this to crack our long lasting harmonious relation.” He has strongly condemned the incident and called for the criminals to be arrested and punished. The administrator and police have visited the scene.

Cases filed in Koira against 800 BNP-Jamaat men:

Two cases have been filed against 800 BNP-Jamaat men in Koira in relation to arson attacks on Hindu properties. Mr Rajeeb Ghosh has filed one case against 125 named and 400 more unknown persons in relation to arson attacks on Hindu properties near Amadi Bajaar. Khokon Ali of the same village has filed another case against 400 persons for setting fire to his business. Since the attacks were carried out by the ruling Awamileague and Juboleague men, but the cases were filed against the opposition BNP-Jamaat men, this has caused huge anger among the locals.

According to eyewitnesses, on last Tuesday a rally in support of strike was led by Mizaanur Rahman from Zero point to Kamaruddin college. On their way home, the rally participants were attacked by the ruling party supporters, resulting in street fights and chase-counter chase. Awamileague supporters have beaten up some BNP supporters and handed them over to police. Before police arrived at the scene, Awamileague-Juboleague supporters have set fire to a few abandoned properties belonging to Kartik Das and Sona Das. They then spread a rumour over mobile phones that Hindu minorities were being attacked and their properties were being arson and looted by BNP-Jamaat.

Arson on 28 properties in Burhanuddin:

In Tobgi and Kachia unions of Burhanuddin, Vola, 28 properties belonging to Hindus and Muslims were set on fire by an old Abdul Mannan, aged 65, who is known to have mental problems. He was arrested and sent to jail. He has set fire on both Hindu and Muslim properties with his lighter. This has caused panic among the local Hindus. But Abdul Mannan is found to be an insane person.

Source: Daily Amar Desh