Hefazat alleges 2k deaths, 15k injuries & foreign attackers

hefazat 5may injured2

Hefazat e Islam stated that Monday morning Police, RAB and BGB attacked on Hefazat, killing more than 2000 people and injuring more than 15000. They also alleged armed group from foreign countries (the neighbouring country) also took part in this mass killing to root out Islam from Bangladesh.
They described 6th May as “Black Night”. Before attacking electricity was cut off, mobile network shutdown and all media evicted from the spot. After that RAB, Police, BGB (Bangladesh’s border guards) along with heavily armed and equipped foreign forces massively cracked down on unarmed Hefazat e Islam activists and leaders who were peacefully gathered at Shapla Chattor.
During the brutal attack some workers of Hefazat e islam were praying, some were sleeping.
They also claimed they have no relation with any vandalism taking place on Sunday and they strongly maintained that rulling party’s thugs burnt the Quran and others shops to blame Hefazote islam.
The following persons have signed the statement: Maulana Noor Hussian Kashemi, convenor of Dhaka metropolitian city, adviser Abdul Latif Nezami , co-convenor Maulana abdur Rab Usofe etc.

Source: Daily Amar Desh