Hand Bomb recovered from the residence of Shafik Chowdhury ex-MP of Awami League

petrol bomb

Police recovered a hand bomb from the residence of Shafikur Rahman Chowdhury ex M.P. (Bisshonath-Balagonj) and secretary general of Sylhet district Awami League.
The hand bomb was recovered from the main gate lamp post of the residence around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. He expressed his apprehension and said the bomb might have been placed for subversive activities.
Personal secretary of Shafiqur Rahman said on Tuesday afternoon guard went to switch on the light. But as the light didn’t turn on he examined it and found the saucer to be broken with a scotch tape banded hand bomb inside the light.
Abdul Haque, the guard informed it to the owner, Shafikur Rahman ex M.P. later the incident was reported to the police of ShahParan Thana. Police came and recovered the hand bomb.
Shafikur Rahman was elected as MP by defeating Elias Ali, the popular ex MP who is a victim of forced disappearance.
Source: News Organ & Inside BD