Halt death sentence of ‪Mollah‬ – British politician


Lord Carlile QC, Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanty, said:
‘The execution of Abdul Quader Mollah must be halted immediately. We call on the Prime Minister to refrain from interfering directly to speed up the execution, which she is abusing for entirely political purposes.
‘The Bangladesh Jail Code allows a 21 day review. No execution can be carried out within 21 days of the receipt of certified judgment. This decision to execute Mollah willfully disregards this fundamental right of review.
‘At the same time we call on the British Government and the European Union – both of which have policies to campaign against the death sentence wherever it is used – to put maximum pressure on the Government of Bangladesh, including immediate visa restrictions for the Prime Minister and Government Ministers involved in this decision’.

Source: BDInn