Govt Imposes 17,000 Arrests, 33 Deaths, 100s wounded On Opposition: Khaleda


Khaleda Zia has said that that so far 33 opposition leaders and activists were killed by ‘Awami terrorists’ and law enforcers by shooting, arranged gunfight and other brutal ways after during the ongoing blockade.
She said hundreds of leaders and activists were injured, many leaders and activists were missing after being detained while over 17,000 were arrested.
Khaleda said a few lakh of her party members were on the run in fear of arrests in false cases. Besides, houses of many were put on fire, damaged and plundered.
Referring to her youngest son’s death, Khaleda said that the government was active to dissociate her from people and leaders and activists by creating multifarious pressures and obstacles.
She said that she would not bow down to any pressure or intimidation. ‘I am ready to face any situation or consequence,’ she added.

Source: New Age