Government is accepting all of India’s decisions, even illegal ones says Anu Muhammad


May 14, 2013

“The government is going with every decision of India, even those that are against the interests of the country,” says Anu Muhammad, member secretary of the National Committee, “to protect Oil, Gas, Minerals, Power and Ports”.

As part of a deal to set up an electricity-generating power plant in Rampal, the government has planned to destroy the Sundarbans, an invaluable resource to the nation. According to this deal, the Sundarbans will be completely destroyed within 10 years of setting up the coal based plant. Anu Muhammad said this at a National Press Club meeting on Tuesday evening.

He continues to say that the ‘PSC – 2012’, which is exhausting the Bay of Bengal’s oil and gas, should be immediately canceled. Plants need to be reformed to increase generation of electricity. In addition, the national committee should shift focus from the wasteful rental/quick rental to solving the gas & electricity crisis.

Translated from Natun Barta