Give Kamaruzzaman his full right – Lord Avebury

Lord Avebury.

The Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) has sentenced two senior Jamaat leaders including its chief to death , and in a third case, that of Mohammad Kamaruzzaman , an Assistant Secretary-General of Jamaat, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the death sentence passed earlier by the ICT. A former editor of a news paper , Mr Kamaruzzaman , in the past visited the UK as a guest of the FCO.

The Attorney-General Mr Mahbubey Alam said today that MrKamaruzzaman’s execution was only “a matter of time”, but the judicial process has yet to be exhausted. To complete it, the following legal steps should be followed:

i.The judges of the Supreme Court are required to write a full judgment giving the reasons why they have affirmed the death sentence
ii. After receiving the official copy of the judgment the accused has a
right to file a Review Petition within a period of 30 days under Article 105 of the Constitution .
iii.The accused then has the right to seek mercy from the President within 7 day

Mr Kamaruzzaman has now been transferred to the Dhaka Central jail, where executions normally take place. This may be – although not necessarily – an indication of an early execution.

I appeal to the legal authorities to observe the law and grant Mr Kamaruzzaman his full rights, and I urge the President to commute all the death sentences, which we oppose on principle.

Source: CBS