Girl Raped while Lover and Friend being Tied


Complaint has been made about a girl being victim of gang rape on Thursday at Dolayrpar of the capital. Police arrested two from the crime scene on the ground of being involved with the incident. They are Basir Ahmed Munna (25) and Md.Liton (26). Police informed, Basir is the president of ‘Awami Sadhinota League’ of Shampur Thana and Liton is an activist of the same party.

Police said, around 4 o’clock in the evening three activists of ‘Awami Sadhinota League’ named Liton, Roton and Arif grabbed the lover couple and their friend in front of the Dolayrpar “Mistanno Vhandar” shop and took them to the office of ‘Awami Sadhinota League’. At some point they held the girl’s lover captive in the next room and blindfolded and tied the friend’s hand and feet. In front of the friend they knotted the girl’s mouth, hand and feet and raped her consecutively. A man from the nearby place sensed the incident and informed Shampur police station. Later police from Shampur station rescued the girl, her lover and friend from the office. And they arrested Bashir and Liton who were at the office at the time. The other two fled away.

Krishno Das Bairagi S.I. of Shampur police station informed that a case was filed under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act against four including Basir and Liton. The girl is send to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for medical examination.

Source: Prothom Alo