Ghulam Azam’s condition after the verdict

pga tribunal july 15 2013[5]

In an ambulance on the way back to the prison cell at the end of the trial’s verdict, Ghulam Azam, as if reciting a poem, would only say, “91 years old, 90 years’ punishment – Blessed with wealth, adorned with flowers; this abundant Earth of ours [First line of poem by Dwijendralal Ray]”.

Until he arrived at the prison cell, he would not say anything else. Having returned to his prison cell, he felt unwell for a while. At that time he was treated by the doctor who was in charge of him, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Professor A.B.M. Abu Abdullah. After the verdict yesterday he was considerably downcast throughout the day. He did not appear as lively as on other days. On other days he would often summon the security officers on duty, but today he did not call anyone.

However, according to sources, 91 year old Ghulam Azam did not appear to be having a breakdown. From the time when he came back to the prison cell he seemed mentally sound. Nothing seemed to be overly distressing him. He was normal the whole time. On the day of the verdict, his doctor A.B.M. Abdullah noted on the subject of taking Professor Ghulam Azam to the tribunal, “The patient occupying prison cell 3/A Ghulam Azam is physically fit to travel by ambulance to the court while sitting in a chair.” After receiving the doctor’s note the prison authorities notified the other institutions. At 9.45am that day under Police Inspector Abdul Hay, members of RAB, DSB and NSE were briefed by the prison authorities on taking him to the tribunal. Again at the end of the trial, Inspector Abdul Hay briefed from the prison authorities on taking him to his prison cell.

At 4pm Ghulam Azam’s warrant reached the prison authorities. As soon as Professor Ghulam Azam had reached the prison cell, the medical team under Dr. Abu Abdullah began to take tests of his physical health. According to the doctors, at that time there were no signs of serious illness. However, he did seem weak. Ghulam Azam has been under treatment for nearly 19 months in his prison cell. During this lengthy period tests have detected no serious illnesses. Despite being 91 years old he does not have diabetes, his kidneys are fine, and he has no heart problems.Those treating him stated that “He has a disciplined lifestyle, and eats in a routine manner, performs his prayers, recites the Qur’an, and fasts. As it is Ramadan, his diet has been improved. This improvement was made according to his needs. Yesterday morning in his prison cell, for Sehri he ate small grain rice, vegetables and chicken. For Iftar he did not eat much. After having his Iftar with lime juice and dates and doing his prayers, he had as his dinner small grain rice, bitter melon, chicken and fruit. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Assistant Director Dr. Mokhles-uz-Zaman Hiru told the Manabzamin [Bangladeshi newspaper], “Ghulam Azam is fine in his prison cell. There is nothing to worry about him at all. He is taking food regularly just as normal.”

Translated from the original bangla.