Funeral in absentia held for Kamaruzzaman in front of the United Nations

Funeral for Kamaruzzamn in New York, UN

In protest of the execution of Mohammad Kamaruzzaman, prominent Islamist leader and senior Assistant Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami by the Government of Bangladesh, funeral prayers in absentia were arranged yesterday in front of United Nations headquarters, New York, by the American Progressive Forum.

Earlier, a protest rally was organized at the same venue starting from 1 pm local time. Prominent speakers who spoke at the protest rally included Bangladesh American Rights Forum President Abdullah Al Arif, Bangladesh American Forum Secretary Mahbub Rahman, Human Rights Development for Bangladesh President Mahtab Uddin.

Funeral for Kamaruzzamn in New York, UN

The speakers strongly criticized the government of Bangladesh for carrying out a judicial killing despite worldwide public opinion to the contrary. They condemned the move as being part of a government blueprint to eradicate Islam from Bangladesh.

Funeral prayers in absentia were held for the deceased Islamist leader after the protest rally. Attendees informed that the atmosphere at the event turned heavy as protesters deeply mourned the deceased veteran leader.

Funeral for Kamaruzzamn in New York, UN

Several mosques in New York are expected to host funerals in absentia in memory of the deceased Islamist politician Kamaruzzaman on Sunday.

Source: Naya Diganta