Friday’s Violence by Jamaat-Shibir, Allies: 28 cases filed countrywide, 48,350 accused

handcuffs arrest

A total of 28 cases were filed in 11 districts, including Dhaka, accusing over 48,350 activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and its allies of arson and vandalism and for attacking police and preventing them from discharging duties on Friday.

In Dhaka, 11 cases were filed following 11 complaints lodged by police between midnight of Friday and 9:00am on Saturday accusing at least 4,000 people.

Four cases were filed each in Shahbagh and Paltan police stations and one each in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Wari and Ramna police stations, said police.

Naming 58 accused, the plaintiffs accused them of attacking police, vandalising and setting fire to their vehicles and creating panic among people by using explosive substances.

Kotwali police filed two separate cases against 3,500 people, naming 25 activists of Jamaat, Shibir and other Islamist organisations, early Saturday. Of those named, 23 were arrested earlier on Friday.

Radical Islamist activists vandalised the Gonojagoron Mancha on Jamal Khan Road, injuring at least four policemen.

Police filed one case with Kotwali and another with Sonadanga Model police stations against

over 6,000 people Friday night for the mayhem in the district that

left at least 30 people, including five policemen, injured.

Two cases were filed against 1,200 people on charge of desecrating the national flag, vandalising Gonojagoron Mancha and attacking police in the town, injuring eight. Police said the attackers were Hefazat-e-Islami Bangladesh activists.

Police detained at least 48 BNP leaders and activists raiding different parts of the town till Saturday morning.

Bogra Sadar police filed a case accusing at least 15,000 people, naming 36 activists of Jamaat

and likeminded Islamist organisations, on charge of vandalising and torching Gonojagoron Mancha and preventing

police from discharging their duties.

A total of 5,000 Jamaat-Shibir activists, including 100 named, were accused in one case filed with Boalia Police Station while another 500 were accused in another case filed with Rajpara Police Station.

Kotwali police filed two cases accusing 5,000 activists of Jamaat, Shibir and their allies, naming 70, for Friday’s vandalism at Sylhet Central Shaheed Minar and other parts of the district. A total of 56 persons were arrested in this connection.

Meanwhile, 4,500 persons were sued in three cases filed in Gaibandha; 2,000 in one case in Kurigram; 1,400 in one case in Noakhali; and 250 in one case in Moulvibazar.

Source: The Daily Star