Fresh polls, dialogue Bangladesh’s ‘internal issue’: Mozena


The US ambassador in Dhaka, Dan W Mozena, on Sunday described Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s demand for fresh polls and political dialogue as ‘internal issue’ indicating a sharp shift from what he used to say on Bangladesh’s political issues before and after January-5 election. ‘I think that (fresh election) is an internal issue that the political parties of Bangladesh and the people of Bangladesh will need to resolve…They will resolve that at some point,’ he told diplomatic correspondents at the National Press Club in the city. The US diplomat came up with the remark when a reporter drew his attention to BNP’s demand for fresh election and prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s latest stance on dialogue with BNP as she ruled out the possibility of any dialogue and fresh election. The United States, soon after the January-5 election in Bangladesh, described the polls as ‘deeply flawed’ one and called for fresh polls. The Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh arranged the event – DCAB Talks – with its president Mainul Alam in the chair.

Source: New Age