Four Chattra League leaders and activists injured during bomb making

petrol bomb

Four leaders and activists of Chattra League were wounded while in the act of bomb making in Sonab union of Rupgonj subdistrict. Of them, one’s condition is critical. On Thursday morning rumour of the death of one of the bomb makers, Rokmatullah, spread all over the subdistrict. But his death news is yet to be confirmed.

The injured are admitted at the Orthopedic Hospital and other local hospitals. The accident occurred on Wed February 4 midnight at a garments by product warehouse owned by Chattra League leader Sahin Mia, son of Vulta Awami League leader Lokman Hossan, who is also an owner of the house. Police said that local people heard the sound of a bomb blast from union Chattra League leader Sahin Mia’s warehouse.

Later police from Bhulta station, upon being informed, went to the location of the incident and came to know that four people named Rokmotullah, Sahin Mia, Kabir and Russel were seriously injured while bomb making. Out of them Rokmotullah (23), son of Abdul Hai Mia, co-president of AwamiLeague 19 number ward Sonab of the sub district, was admitted to the Orthopedic Hospital in Dhaka in critical condition.

Officer in charge of Rupgonj police station with his senior officers went to incident location on being informed. Police broke down the lock of the house at which the blast took place and seized evidence. Ten machetes, several daggers and other local made arms were recovered from the place.

Local people and a number of witnesses informed that right after the incident Chattra League and Awami League leaders removed the explosion evidence. The whole night Awami League leaders and activists stayed at the place and later at dawn they went away.

About the incident Hafizur Rahman, secretary general of Rupgonj sub district Chattra League claimed to journalists that those who were bomb making do not belong to Chattra League and were never seen in any processions and meetings of Awami League or Chattra League.

Source: Dhakar News