Find Killers of Avijit Roy through Impartial Investigation: Jamaat


In a statement, Shafiqur Rahman, acting secretary general of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, stated that Jamaat is being blamed purposefully for the murder of Avijit Roy. He further demanded that the actual murderers be found through impartial investigation and given exemplary punishment through due judicial process.

He said, “News being transmitted by quoting the father of deceased Avijit Roy is baseless, imaginary and false. Jamaat always condemns all types of killings and radical activities, including these sorts of cowardly killings. We have noticed that it has become an incurable malaise of a certain section of the media to accuse Jamaat whenever and wherever any incident happens. This tendency is for nothing but to hide the actual criminal. And the actual culprits always remains veiled.

In a separate statement Jamaat Nayebe- A-Ameer (Secretary General) and former Minister of Parliament Professor Mujibur Rahman asserted the government does not want the existence of any opposition parties in the country, commented Jamaat-e- Islami. The party also alleged that the free rampage of mass killing by the government is pushing the country to civil war.

Mujibur Rahman said, “All the international and local communities are advising the government for a solution on the ongoing crisis through dialogue. But the government is not paying attention to that, rather they are in deep efforts to annihilate politics from the country. Government thugs with the help of law enforcement agencies are abducting and forcefully disappearing the people of the country. Instead of identifying and putting the criminals on trial, the government is engaged in defaming the opposition, thereby confusing the people of the country. But people are now more conscious and aware. Hence the dictatorial government cannot get away with carrying out media terrorism against the opposition 20-party alliance.