Finance Minister Muhit: “‪Savar‬ collapse not a serious matter”

Collapsed Rana Plaza
Image source: A M Ahad/AP

TRANSLATION: Finance minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhit had said that the Savar Building Collapse was not a serious matter. He made this statement in an interview with AP during his trip to New Delhi, even after knowing the number of dead exceeds 500 in the Savar tragedy. He denied any negative impact on the garments industry as a result of the Savar Tragedy. “In the current crisis I don’t consider the Savar building collapse to be that severe. It’s just a mere accident” says Abdul Muhit.

The finance minister also claims to have taken all precautions and steps to prevent such disasters from occurring again as he says “Sufficient measures have been taken in this regard. I feel that these measures will reassure everyone”. When asked about whether he was worried about International buyers pulling out, his response to AP was “This is an isolated incident and disasters like this happen everywhere”.

The Savar catastrophe that occurred on the 24th of April is being considered as the most severe case of building collapse in the history of world Garments Industries. Another similar incident took place a very long time ago in the year 1911, when 146 people were killed when a fire broke out in the New York Garments factory ‘Shirt West’. More recently a garments factory in Pakistan killed 260 people when a fire broke out and last year another factory caught on fire in Bangladesh killing 112 people in total.

Source: Daily Manab Zamin