FFs condemn fresh contempt motion against Zafrullah

Mr. Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury

The petition which prayed for drawing a fresh contempt motion against Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder and freedom fighter Zafrullah Chowdhury drew condemnation from about 50 freedom fighters, some of them decorated.

‘We are shocked and surprised over the new petition that prayed to start a fresh contempt motion against freedom fighter Zafrullah Chowdhury,’ said a statement of Amra Rananganer Muktijodhdha signed by Abdul Jabbar of Bhashani Anushari Parishad.

No judge has the right to humiliate or jail a selfless person like Zafarullah who dedicated himself to the cause of serving people for raising his voice to uphold free thinking and freedom of speech, said the statement.

It said that a freedom fighter could be duly sentenced for killing or stealing.

Constructive criticisms of courts only make them more acceptable, it said.

The statement said the signatories include major (retd) Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, major general (retd) Syed Muhammad Ibrahim, col (retd) Monish Dewan, Faruk-E-Azam, major (retd) Akhtar, Mizanur Rahman, Dr Abdullah Al Mahmud, Kholiquzzaman Bhuiyan, col (retd) Jainul Abedin, Ishtiaq Aziz Ulfat, Sadek Ahmed Khan.

Manjur Hossain Malu told New Age that he was not aware of this statement, although his name was in the list of 51 signatories.

On Monday five petitioners submitted a prayer to the International Crimes Tribunal-2 to start a fresh contempt motion against Zafrullah for the comments he made after he was sentenced for contempt for a joint statement.

On June 10, the ICT-2 jailed Zafrullah for one-hour in the court room for criticizing the sentence handed to journalist David Bergman for contempt.

Source: New Age