Farhad Mazhar terms 72’s constitution as ‘communal’


Convener of Nagorik Odhikar Rakkha Jatiya Committee (National Committee on Protection of Citizens’ Rights) Farhad Mazhar has termed the the post-independence constitution communal. He has also accused all the newspapers of being irresponsible.

He said these at a discussion program on ‘ freedom of presses’ organized by human rights body Odhikar at convention center in the capital’s Gulshan area on Saturday afternoon.

Farhad Mazhar said, “The constitution known as the 72’s constitution had communal essence. Freedom earned after nine months’ bloody freedom-fight is very important. But the constitution created for the newly formed country did not reflect the aspirations of all the people.”

He said, “72’s constitution mentioned Bengali state. But other than Bengalis many other nations live in this state including Chakma and Marma. Then why would this country be only for Bengalis? The introduction of communalism was made in this very constitution.”

Farhad Mazhar has called for the creation of a new constitution to rectify the inconsistencies of the current constitution.

Both the current Awami League led 14-party Grand Alliance government and the previous BNP led 4-party Alliance government came under fire from him for what he said a continuation of murder and torture of journalists and suppression of the press.

Beside criticizing the government for closing down two pro-opposition TV channels, Diganta TV and Islamic TV, Farhad Mazhar also criticized the ‘irresponsible media’ for not strongly protesting the government move.

Condemning the newly passed Anti-Terrorism law, he said the law was made for the benefit of a ‘friendly country’ and also expressed his concern that the law could be used during the next election to suppress the opposition.

Among others Awami League Advisory Committee member Yusuf Hossain Humayun, BNP Chairperson’s advisor Dr. M. Osman Faruk and Odhikar’s Secretary General Adilur Rahman Khan also addressed the program.

Source: BD Chronicle