Farhad Mazhar questions validity of Sayedee verdict

Delwar Sayedee

Bangladeshi intellectual, Farhad Mazhar, comments that the two people Sayedee is being accused of killing had no witnesses. The first one was Bisha Bali who was killed in the 1971 war. But his brother, Shukhronjan Bali, refused to give any false statement that Sayedee had killed him. In fact he gave a statement saying Sayedee was not his killer.
Second person Sayedee has been accused of killing is Ibrahim Kutti who also died in the 1971 war. But his wife in 1972 made a list of all her husband’s killers and in that list Sayedee’s name was not mentioned. She is alive to this day and has been saying many times that Sayedee is not one of her husband’s accused killers otherwise she would have mentioned his name in the list made in 1972. She even presented evidence in court to show how Sayedee was not involved but that didn’t have any impact in his verdict.
Finally Farhad says: ‘so instead of shooting at innocent protesters why don’t you just hand over Sayedee and all the other leaders to the Shahbag people to deal with, as you guys don’t want to do them any justice and you’re main aim is to kill these people anyways.’

Source: Youtube