Fans at #EngvBan Cricket World Cup Match Demand Democracy in Bangladesh [In Pictures]

bd v england march 20151

As England and Bangladesh met on the cricket grounds, leading to Bangladesh’s win and England’s defeat, Bangladeshi fans cheered on their compatriots while also taking the opportunity to get their political voice heard.

Fans brought banners demanding a return to democracy in Bangladesh. The country has been struggling with political unrest since January as the opposition and ruling party clash over the controversial elections of 2014 that returned the Awami League to power. An election boycotted by all key opposition players for lack of impartiality, the opposition coalition is demanding a fresh general election overseen by an impartial caretaker authority.

Bangladeshi fans at the Cricket World Cup match between England and Bangladesh echoed the call for democracy at home, sharing images of their banners on social media. Below a selection of those images can be viewed.

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