Families of the missing make emotional appeal for return of relatives


06 February 2015

Vice Chairman of Mithapukur Upazila of Rangpur Abdul Baset Marjan has been missing for 5 days. He was picked up by ones claiming to be Detective branch police from the home of a relative at Mohammadpur, Dhaka. His two children, Hasim and Sabiha haven’t seen their father since then.

Then there is official record writer (dolil-lekhok) Al-Amin from the same upazila was has been missing since 23 days along with wife and house help. They were also taken away from their home by men claiming to be detective branch police. Their children and relatives fear the worst regarding their fate.

These relatives have been crying over their disappearance. They have pleaded the Government to arrange for the return of those who have disappeared without trace. The whole atmosphere of the VIP lounge of the Press Club became somber from the heart touching nature of their weeping and pleas.

In the press conference, Rukaiya Khanom, the wife of Upazila Vice Chairman Abdul Baset Marjan read out from a written statement saying that her husband came to Dhaka on the 31st of January for official work. He had stayed at his relative’s house in Tajmahal Road of Mohammadpur. The very next day, he was picked up by plain clothes detective branch police from there, without any arrest warrant. Five days had passed since then – and neither had he been produced before court nor returned to his home. She informed that she and their relatives had been trying to communicate with members of police, RAB and the Detective Branch. But they were not providing any clue as to his whereabouts. In this situation, they she and her family were deeply concerned as to the whereabouts of Abdul Baset and of the danger he was facing regarding life itself. She pleaded to the Government to return her husband.

Then there were two children who have been looking for their parents for the last 23 days. An aged Shahjahan had brought his two grandchildren to the press conference. During the conference Raiyan and Alpana started weeping uncontrollably for their parents. Shahjahan said that on 14 January they were woken early in the morning by sounds of disturbances and shouting. When they opened their main door, a group of people claiming to be detective branch police entered the house without notice. They picked Al-Amin, his wife Beauty Begum and their house maid, Moushumi and took them away. From then on, no one had any knowledge as to where the three were. Shahjahan said, ‘I am old and illiterate. I am not involved in any politics. My son is a record keeper/writer. He is also not into politics. What was the crime of my son’s wife and my house maid? No one has been able to answer us. We have been asking RAB, Police and the Detective Branch constantly but they haven’t replied.’

Source: Naya Diganta