Extra-judicial killings require exemplary punishment


Nobody should be above the law, least of all those on whom the public depends

It is shameful that even though 2,200 have been victims of extra-judicial killings killed since 2004, no punitive action has yet been taken against any law enforcement personnel involved in these killings.

Such killings are repeatedly glossed over, and euphemistically referred to as “crossfire.” It has been claimed by the RAB director that there have been no extra-judicial killings under RAB and that they and the police do always ensure punitive action is taken against any offenders.

However, this sharply contrasts with claims by human rights bodies. Public records suggest that killings committed by law enforcement authorities tend to go unpunished. Hence, while investigations by law enforcers have seen various punishments given to over 17,000 police officials and 2,000 RAB officials in the last 10 years for a variety of crimes and illegal acts, these mostly amount to mere suspensions, demotions, rebukes and reprimands.

As a nation, we need to do a better job of holding law enforcement personnel to account for any crimes committed in the course of enforcing the law. Nobody should be above the law, least of all those on whom the public depends to uphold rule of law.

It is not good enough to give legal attention to officers alleged to be involved in crimes like robbery, extortion and harassment, if others go scot free for the most serious crimes of unlawful killing.

Exemplary punishment must be administered in such cases to deter and bring to an end the scourge of extra-judicial killings.



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