Extra judicial killing continues in BD

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Five activists of Bangladesh oppositions found dead after being arrested by police in last four days

At least five leaders and activists of the two opposition parties of Bangldesh- the Jamaat-e-Islami party & the Nationalist Party (BNP), have been killed in last four days by the members of the law enforcement agencies after being arrested. Among the killed- one was a 16-year old school student in Satkhira district, a BICS leader in Sitakundu district, assistant secretary general of Meherpur district Jamaat-e-Islami and two others are BNP’s student & youth wing’s leader in Nilphamary & Laxmipur district.

Around 22 thousand people were killed in different incidents (most of them are opposition men and by the law enforcement agencies) in an average of 12 per day.[1]

Human rights violations continued without relent under direct orders from the government and the police. The hands of Awami League led Bangladeshi government, the military and the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) are stained with blood. Those ostensibly meant to protect Bangladeshi citizens, prey on them, all the while holding themselves above the confines of domestic and international law. Opposition leaders are silenced or thrown in jail.

Limitations on freedom of speech, expression, and assembly are enforced by the ruling regime; journalists are jailed, threatened, and killed for discussing political or military matters. Human rights defenders face harassment, threats, ill-treatment, and arbitrary detentions for fabricated charges. This is exacerbated if their work conflicts with the interests of the government or big business.

Courts deliver guilty verdicts and hand out death sentences in the absence of appropriate investigative and judicial measures. Suspects, including the falsely accused, are repeatedly tortured by the police to satisfy conviction requirements, extract information, and obtain monetary bribes. Enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killing are being occurred continuously.[2]
Anti-Terrorism Act, 2009, and the Mobile Court Act, 2009, are used shamelessly as a tool by
state agents to repress any contrarian voice.

Every corner of Bangladesh has been turned into a detention center due to the fear of joint-forces’ ongoing torture and killings.

School going boys, youths are not also out of their lists.

The names of the recently killed by the law enforcement with short description of the incident are given below:

 Abu Hanif Choton(16)- activist, BICS: The victim Abu Hanif alias Choton, 16, son of Shohor Ali of Satkhira Sadar Upazilla, was shot dead by the joint-force at dawn on Saturday (Jan 18, 2014) in Vomra Land Port of Padmoshakha village under Satkhira police station.[3]
On the previous day Friday afternoon, police arrested Choton from the Rouf Chairman’s bungalow premises.

Choton was a student of class-X (Dakhil) of a local institution.

Noted, more than 20 men have been killed, many injured and many houses of the opposition leaders have been smashed by the joint-force in last one month during their operation which is going on now.

Tarique Mohammad Saiful Islam (35)- assistant secretary general, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Meherpur district: The bullet injured dead body of Tarique Mohammad Saiful Islam was kept on the Meherpur general Hospital on Monday [.4]

On the previous day (Sunday) noon, Tarique was arrested by civil police from Meherpur Islami Bank building premises.

Police claimed, “Tarique was killed in a gun fight with Jamaat-shibir men as they went on an operation to recover arms at about 2:00am on Monday in town’s Bamonpara Soshanghat area.”

Noted victim Tarique Mohammad Saiful Islam was the eldest son of Samiruddin, former chief of Meherpur district Jamaat.

Mossarof Hossain (22) General Secretary, BICS, Sitakundu Municipality:
The bullet injured dead body of the victim Mossarof Hossain was found beside the Dhaka-Chittagong highway’s Terial area on Sunday at about 11:00am.
On the previous day evening (Saturday), civil Police arrested Mossarof from his brother-in-law’s residence where he (Mossarof) went on a visit, according to Mofizur Rahman- the brother-in-law of Mossarof.

Atiqul Islam Atiq (27)- Vice-President, Tupamari Union JCD, Nilphamari:
Locals found the dead body of Atiq bedside the high-way in Dholagachha Narikhamba area under Syedpur Upazilla (Police Station) on Monday morning.

There were signs of injury on Atiq’s head and body, according to locals and police.
Atiq was a listed defendant of the case filed with Nilphmari police station ‘for attacking on the car-procession of the Minister of Cultural Affairs ministry Asaduzzaman Nur.

Civil Police arrested Atiq a few days ago from Tangail district, according to Rehana Parvin- the sister-in-law of the deceased.

But, police haven’t recognized the fact of arrest.

Morshed Alam (26)- General Secretary, Basikpur Union Jubo Dal, Laxmipur:
Miscreants opened fire on Morshed Alam while he along with another Jubo Dal activist Sumon was patrolling on fisheries on Friday dawn, according to the police and locals.

Morshed died on the spot and Sumon was brought to Hospital with bullet injury.

Family members of Morshed accused the Chairman of Basikpur Union Parishod Abul Kashem Jihadi and his gang.

Anwarul Islam- member of Jamaat-e-Islami, Satkhira:
Members of the joint-force shot and injured Anwarul Islam while he was working along with his brother Rabiul Islam in their fisheries on Tuesday (January 14, 2014) early morning.

Eye witness Rabiul Islam said, “We escaped from the spot while joint force chased us, but they became able to catch my brother and shot on his chest on the spot from close distance.”

“Then joint force picked my brother (Anwarul Islam) on their van and later he died”, added Rabiul Islam.

Government’s propaganda of ‘uprising of Fundamentalism and Terrorism theory’ and the fact: Political violence and a decline in law and order claimed 507 lives and left 22, 407 others injured during last one year (2014), according to the Human Right Situation Report for the year 2013 released by ASK[.5].During last two months, the joint-forces are killing, torturing the opposition men and smashing their houses using bulldozers in the name joint operation to reduce violence in different parts of the country.

Over one hundred people mainly the opposition was killed after the pre and post national election violence in last two months.

Without any investigation, government has accused the Jamaat-e-Islami and the BNP for the recent attack on the minorities.

But, media report say that most of the attacks occurred under the nose of the local administration and different law enforcement agencies, which had been deployed in the first place to pre-empt such occurrences during and after the elections.[6].

So how is it possible for those opposition men who have fled to avoid arrest and killing of the law enforcement agencies?

Several media reported that the ruling party men were involved in most of the attacks.

Jamaat-e-Islami has palced firm proposal for judicial and international investigation on the incidents and assured that they (Jamaat) will punish and place any of their men if found guilty.

But, government has continued to blame Jamaat and BNP by passing the call.

Meanwhile, the media has been skipping the facts willingly or unwillingly being pressurized by the government.

Noted, government has shut down sum total of three television channels (Diganta, Channel one and Islamic TV), two daily newspapers (Amar Desh around one year ago and the Daily Inqilab in last week) and detained editor as well as the journalists of these media.

Government is trying to gain support of the international community showing the fear of ‘rise of fundamentalism and religious terrorism in Bangladesh’.

But, nobody would be able to show that any opposition has used arms while staging demonstration.

The oppression by the state must be stopped immediately to resist further loss of valuable lives.

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