Ershad criticise ICT and state iolence


In tonights news at 7.30pm different TV Channels showed a press release signed by the President of Jatiyo Party Hussain Muhammad Ershad . In this he compared 28th of February 2013, when police shot 70 people dead, to be a bigger atrocity than the 1971 genocide. He also said that they want punishment for war criminals as well but this needs to be done in a manner of impartiality and credibility and meets the international standards.
He also states that due to the Shahbag movement the tribunal has become questionable. The Jatiyo Party expresses their concern over the Shahbag movement and their disrespect to Allah (swt) and His Prophet (pbuh).
Now it seems that as well as the country’s major opposition party, other major political parties in Bangladesh also consider the tribunal to be controversial and Shahbag activists to be anti-Islamic. He asks: is the Awami League going to ban this controversial tribunal, take responsibility for the genocide they committed and resign and step down now? Or are they going to divert all this and stage a new drama through the atheists? This is what the whole nation is waiting for.

Source: Facebook