Election Commissioner not sure if Prime Minister spoke her final words on polls: Abu Hafiz


September 4, 2013

Election Commissioner Abu Hafiz said Wednesday the EC is not sure whether the Prime Minister’s announcement—that the 10th parliamentary polls would be hold in the last 90 days of current parliament—is her final word.
That is why, he said, the commission would wait until the last moment to see the developments on the political fronts before finalising electoral code of conduct for ensuring a level-playing field for all political parties.
‘We are yet to know in what circumstances the election would be held and that is why time has not come to say what steps we would take for leveling the field,’ Abu Hafiz told newsmen in his office.
‘Prime Minister yesterday (Tuesday) said the elections will be held keeping the current parliament in place. The question is: is it final? We do not know whether it is her final words. We are not being able to realise whether this thing has been settled down,’ the election commissioner said.
Abu Hafiz said that time would say whether the PM’s statement was the final one.
He said the EC will have to wait to see what will happen on the ground at the end of day. ‘Nobody knows what will happen and that is why we are keeping all type of preparations. There is no last word in the politics.’
He hoped that the political parties would reach a consensus to workout a solution acceptable to all.
‘BNP is a large political party. Why should we think right at this moment that the BNP would stay out of the polls as there is still time in our hands?’ Hafiz posed a counter question while responding to a reporter.

Source: New Age BD