Election 2014: Awami League vs. Awami League


January 7, 2014

With over 30,000 opposition activists and all major leaders of the opposition in jail, the leader of the main opposition party under house arrest, Bangladesh is not exactly the example of blooming democracy, as the current government would want you to believe.   The general election of January 2014 was never going to be an enterprise that will solve the current political deadlock, another reality the current regime wants people to overlook.   The election took place because it was necessary to maintain the constitutional process, the ruling party says. Of course, the Awami League made it a ‘constitutional necessity’ by amending the constitution using its parliamentary majority.   The result was an election where “turnout was about 22 per cent, down from 87 per cent in the last vote”. An astonishing drama unfolded before the whole nation as television channels telecast live videos of empty centres from around the country.   Here we provide our readers with a gist of media reports from around the globe and a summary of local coverage of the election. The reports in the world media have been somewhat distracted from the bizarre one sidedness of the election by the violence, whereas local newspapers have reported extensively on the widespread rigging and the absolute futility of the whole process.   The world media reports on the 5th January 2014 general election have focused on the widespread violence and the credibility of the election.   The national media on the other hand focused mainly on the acceptance of the extremely controversial election and slamming the government for the “shameful election”.

Source: BD Chronicle

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