Egyptian Army created a worst history of brutality by running genocide- Chhatrashibir

August 15, 2013

Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir strongly slammed and protested against military intervention and genocide in Egypt run against the protesters demanding restoration of Dr. Muhammad Morsi, the democratically elected Egyptian President, to his legal presidential office.


In a protest statement, the Secretary-General of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir Abdul Zabbar said, “The Egyptian Army barred all possible streams to progress and prosperity of Egypt by unjustly ousting the democratically elected and valid President from power. The Egyptian people, fed up with Army-led autocracy, came out of their homes with intent to restore their legal President to his office. But, the undemocratic Army created a new and worst history of brutality by running barbaric genocide against peaceful protesters and thereby killed more than two thousand civilians inclusive of men, women and children. The whole world is dumbfounded in sorrow, anger and astonishment to see such kind of ruthlessness.”


He said, “The Egyptian truth-loving fellows made an unprecedented history full of inspirations for those oppressed by laying down their lives for truth and justice. Blood of martyrs never went futile and will also never be. The world will soon see the triumph of truth and justice in Egypt, InShaAllah. Protests for the sake of truth that are currently on in Egypt cannot be deactivated by running genocide. We’d like to urge the Egyptian Army to hand over power to Dr. Muhammad Morsi who is indeed the democratically elected legal President and return to the Barracks. We think mass-killing against Egyptian people is nothing but a part of trials and tribulations that are currently going on against global Islamic Movement. We urge global guardians like United Nations, Arab League, OIC etc to take appropriate steps to stop genocide in Egypt.”

Source: Bangladesh Independent News Network