DU Admissions: Madrasah students achieve 1st position from Science and Arts

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In the 2015-2016 admissions test at ‘Gha’ unit under social sciences division of Dhaka University, Abdullah Al Mamun, a student of Ta’mirul Millat Kamil Madrassah, achieved first position from the science division with a score of 176.30. On the other hand, Abdus Samad was another student who achieved first position from the Humanities section with a score of 176.

The results were officially declared by university VC Arefin Siddiq at 1 pm afternoon on the 10th of November.

According to the results published, 9.98 percent of the students who enrolled in the admission test at ‘Gha’ Unit passed, while 90.06 percent of the applicants failed to pass. The number of applicants was 90,131 while 62,078 students took part in the admission tests. Of them, 32,996 were from Science, 9,963 were from Humanities while 19,520 were from Business Studies.

In total, the number of those who passed admission were 6,171, out of which 2,885 were from Science,, 1,747 were from Humanities and 1,039 were from Business Studies. 55,907 students did not pass the admission test.