Dr Zakia Farhana, Wife of Jamaat Leader, Arrested: Acting Jamaat President Protests and Condemns


Dr Zakia Farhana, wife of Assistant Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami for Dhaka Metropolitan and former Shibir central president, Dr Shafiqul Islam Masud, has been detained by RAB-1. Yesterday afternoon, as she was returning home from Kashimpur area she was detained. Dr Zakia was on her way back from visiting her father, Mr Ataur Rahman, Jamaat President of Rajshahi, who is in Kashimpur jail. Mr Rahman is one among the many Jamaat leader currently imprisoned across the country.
Acting leader of Jamaat, Moqbul Ahmed has condemned and protested this arrest of Dr Zakia, whose father is not only a Jamaat leader of Rajshahi but also also a freedom fighter. Yesterday Mr Ahmed gave a statement, where he mentioned that Ataur Rahman was previously arrested and is in jail. People are aware of the fact that he had come to Dhaka from Rajshahi for treatment. On 19th
February, on his way he was arrested in Kalyanpur bus stand with a false allegation and has been imprisoned since then. He is suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. To provide his necessary medicine, his daughter, Dr Zakia went to visit him yesterday. After giving his medicines, she has been detained by the government on her way back.
“Detaining the daughter of a captive leader with no charge at all is completely inhuman and in breach of human rights,” states Moqbul Ahmed. He also mentions that Dr Zakia Farhana is a mother of a nursing infant. The infant is only one year old and feeds on mothers’ nursing only. Detaining her in this situation is depriving the child’s right to be breastfed. This surely is a breach of both women’s rights as well as child rights. By arresting and detaining Dr Zakia Farhana, the government is depriving the child of the mothers’ care and love; this is an unfair and outrageous act.
“Women, children and even the elderly are not secure from such autocratic behaviour of the government. I strongly condemn and protest against this autocratic act of the government and demand immediate release of Dr Zakia Farhana. The mass movement against the government’s autocratic behaviour and breach of human rights will be more rapid now” Mr Moqbul Ahmed stated.

*Moqbul Ahmed Condemns Govt Refusal to Grant Prof Ghulam Azam Bail for Brother’s Funeral*
In a statement the acting Jamaat leader, Mr Moqbul Ahmed, strongly condemned the government for not releasing former Jamaat leader, Prof Ghulam Azam, on parole to participate in his brother’s funeral. He states that, “Ghulam Azam’s younger brother, an Engineer, Dr Mahdi Uzzaman (77) passed away on March 20, 2013. Yesterday, the prayer was held, and a request was made to release Ghulam Azam on parole to attend the prayer. However, the government did not release him, without any reason, and deprived him from attending his brother’s funeral. To deprive a brother from attending his own brother’s funeral in a Muslim country is unexpected, illegal, unwanted, unwelcomed, and an extreme human rights violation. We condemn and protest this fascist behaviour of the government.”

Source: Daily Amar Desh