“Don’t tear apart Grameen Bank”


Speakers in a program call upon the government not to ‘tear apart the Grameen Bank’. They call the government to form a new institution like of the Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus founded globally praised micro credit institute.

The speakers place the demand in a protest program ‘state conspiracy for destroying Grameen Bank’ held at the National Press Club on Saturday.

The organizers of the program call upon the people to hoist black badges on July 2.

Former Chief Election Commissioner Justice Abdur Rouf says the Grameen Bank has been established to ensure welfare for the under privileged rural people.

“The institution has achieved worldwide praise for Bangladesh”, adds the former CEC.

“Why do you think to split the organization? Why don’t you establish another one?” asks Abdur Rouf.

The speakers also call the government not to ‘bring the culture of destruction’.

Former Secretary M Moniruzzaman presided over the program.

Source: BD Chronicle