DHAKA CMM JOB: Govt refusal to appoint SC nominee creates stalemate


The persistent refusal of the law ministry to appoint a new chief metropolitan magistrate in the capital as recommended by the Supreme Court has created a new stalemate in the judicial administration. Though due, the transfer of the incumbent CMM, who has spent over three years and a half as the CMM has also become uncertain,  said officials. The law ministry has been dragging its feet in appointing the sixth additional district and sessions judge of Dhaka Sheikh Hafizur Rahman as the CMM, the second nominee of the Supreme Court for the post. The Supreme Court nominated Sheikh Hafiz  a month back after the law ministry refused to appoint it’s first nominee, Chandpur additional district judge Arunav Chakrabarty  as the CMM of the capital. The law ministry wants to appoint either Dhaka chief judicial magistrate Mahbubar Rahman Sarkar or Jamalpur chief judicial magistrate Majibur Rahman as the CMM in the capital. The law ministry wants a pliable CMM in the capital. The law ministry says that both the Supreme Court nominees lacked magistracy experience. But court officials told New Age that the incumbent Dhaka CMM Bikash Kumar Saha and his predecessor AKM Enamul Haque also had no experience of judicial magistracy when they were appointed as CMM. Bikash has been the CMM in the capital since November 2011. On May 23 the High Court’s General Administration Committee, headed by chief justice SK Sinha, recommended to appoint Sheikh Hafizur Rahman as the CMM after rejecting the law ministry’s nominee Majibur Rahman, currently chief judicial magistrate at Jamalpur. Earlier, the Supreme Court nominated Chandpur additional district judge Arunav Chakraborty as the CMM rejecting the law ministry’s plea to appoint Dhaka judicial magistrate Mahabubar Rahman as the CMM. Law ministry secretary Abu Saleh Sheikh Md Zahirul Haque told New Age that the SC order could not be carried as the law minister was abroad. The law ministry wants to post and transfer subordinate court judges to suit its interests and likings, said Supreme Court officials. They said that there had been several instances of the law ministry requesting the Supreme Court to review of its decisions in favour of the nominees of the government.

Source: New Age