Desh Rights – Demand an International Inquiry into Dhaka Massacre of 6 May, says report


Download: Briefing Number 1: The Dhaka Massacre of 6 May 2013

A new report calls on the British government to lead the way for an international inquiry into the Dhaka Massacre of 6 May 2013 which saw at least 50, if not more, anti-government protesters killed by Bangladeshi authorities in the dead of night.


The report, ‘The Dhaka Massacre of 6 May: A Briefing’, outlines the shocking chain of events that led to one of Bangladesh’s worst incidences of state brutality since the country’s independence. It states, ‘Human rights groups have confirmed this incident to be a massacre, and with time qualitative and quantitative information surrounding the incident is emerging despite a concerted official disinformation campaign.’

The briefing, published by the diaspora Bangladesh human rights group, Desh Rights,  calls on the UK government, and the international community at large to hold the Bangladeshi authorities to account. It highlights the deep state of denial amongst the NGO community and commentators because the Bangladeshi government has successfully dehumanised the victims further by focusing on their demands, rather than the state sanctioned murder itself.

The briefing comes amidst ongoing turmoil in Bangladesh, with a country highly polarised and a government increasingly out of step with international human rights norms. The report points to a shocking culture of impunity that has not only allowed the Bangladeshi authorities to go unchallenged over this massacre, but also over other human rights violations which allowed the tragedy of the Rana Plaza factory collapse to take place.

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This Briefing is published by the Diaspora human rights group, DESH RIGHTS. DESH RIGHTS offer a frank, plural and honest assessment of Bangladesh’s humanrights and democracy situation.
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Source: Desh Rights