Daughter of Dr Faiz Ahmed, extrajudicially killed allegedly by RAB, spoke of her father’s death and expressed solidarity with victims of enforced disappearance


Translation: “My father is no longer [in this world]. Yet we came here today [to sympathize with those who did not even receive the dead body. We at least received the dead body [of my father]. But those who still have not received the dead bodies of their relatives, those who are still disappeared/unaccounted for, we have come to stand by them. We are still not allowed in Laximpur [our home]. Our family still have no safety. What was our fault? A family has been paying such a heavy price just because of political vengeance.
They [Govt forces] tortured my father for a long time. After long torture when they couldn’t find anything with my father, they tied arms and legs of my father and dropped him from the 4th floor (roof) of our building. They did not stop there. When they came down and saw that my father was still alive and reciting prayers, they were saying to each other that he is still alive, start [firing]. Then they shot at his head and ensured the death. My mother had heard the sound and realised that something was dropped to the ground [from the roof]. When my mother came out of the room she saw a dead body lying still on the ground, they [govt forces] brought a truck, and they were taking my father on that truck. And some of them were saying that the blood needs to be cleared, so we will come again. My younger brother had realised [what had happened], but he could not do anything. He was watching father’s death while hiding by hanging [on the window top].
We 3 siblings were in Dhaka at that time. We heard [something had happened]. We knew that our phones were being traced, only the landline was on, so we managed to talk to our mother. We were praying at that time so that we at least receive my father’s dead body. Because the way they came and took away our father’s body, we did not have any hope of receiving his body. But by the grace of Allah, we at least received his body. As far as I know from my little knowledge, even in a battlefield/warzone, a doctor/physician is not harmed, always forgiven. But this was not a battlefield, this was not any war zone of [19]71.”


Source: Progress Bangladesh facebook page