Cracks appear in yet another building owned by ‪Rana Plaza‬ owner


Translation: Before a day had passed since the collapse of ‘Rana Plaza’ at Savar bus stand, another commercial and residential building belonging to the same owner has developed cracks. When notified, the police inspected the tower on Savar Bazar Road. Deep cracks have appeared on the eastern part of the ground floor in that building. The cracks have lead to the window grills on 3rd storey being bent.

The 8 storey building has a Bata showroom on the first floor, Axim Bank on the second floor, Delta Life Insurance on the third floor and residential apartments above that. However the residential apartments are yet to be leased.

Front of the building, Shop keeper Najmul Hasan says that it has been built 7-8 years ago but for some reason nobody rented the residential apartments. Only a few commercial stores are operating for a few years.

Saikat Ahmed from Polashi Private Civil Defence said he came here immediately around 7:45 am. He went around and inspected the whole building. Due to panic, the Bata show room has been closed since yesterday.

After investigation, Axim Bank on the second floor appeared to be open for business. However, since the appearance of the crack, the gate is padlocked and only limited transactions are taking place. It wasn’t possible to enter even after trying.

Large cracks appeared on the main pillar of the Bata show room on the ground floor. Since the information about the cracks was out, curious public are gathering in front of ‘Rana Tower.’ People are coming from all around to have a look at the building.

Adjacent east to the building, a woman who lives on the third floor of an apartment says that her kids are crying out of fear since the appearance of the cracks. We’re in danger, she says.

Source: Daily Naya Diganta