Citizen journalist: account of unidentifiable security forces unknown to police conducting raids on homes

“Yesterday (13/12/2013) Bagerhaat in Khulna saw one of the biggest demonstrations by Jamaat in the past 5 years against the oppressive government. In the aftermath of the event, raids were reported by residents of various places in the district. One such incident was reported in Paikpara at Bagerhat, where a group of armed men identifying themselves as security personnel started searching and raiding houses. Mystified residents contacted the police station to verify the reason for the operation. They were surprised to know that no such operation was sanctioned. Police instructed residents to capture the unidentified armed men. The residents then chased down the thugs in order to capture them. They however eluded capture and were able to escape. Now the question is, who were they? If this is an incident in a small obscure part of Bangladesh, then what must be the situation nationwide; with incidents of disappearances and extrajudicial killings on the rise. (account sent by a local witness who wishes to remain unnamed”

Source: Progress Bangladesh facebook page