Chhatra League leader held with weapons in Rajshahi University

rajshahi university

A Chhatra League leader was arrested in Rajshahi University with weapons in his possession.

He was arrested with weapons in his possession on Tuesday at about 12:30 pm from the path beside Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall by on duty police. The name of the arrested leader is Tariqul Islam Babu. He is the Chhatra League President candidate for Sayyid Amir Ali Hall.

It was known that 3 people including Chhatra League Sayyid Amir Ali Hall President candidate Tariqul Islam Babu were riding on a motorbike on Tuesday at about 12:30 pm on the path beside Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall. They were stopped and searched by on duty police on account of occasion of Pahela Boisakh, when police found hidden in his possession a sharp sword knife. Police immediately held the Chhatra League leader and confiscated the weapon in his possession.

However, the arrested leader was promptly released after a call to the police from the Rajshahi University Chhatra League President.

When asked about the incident, University President Mizanur Rahman Rana informed, “Babu was bringing a sword knife to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall from a nearby Hall to split up some coconuts. Unfortunately, a police held him up on the way. We have cleared the misunderstanding and the police let him free.”

When asked to comment about the matter, Motihar Police station Officer in charge Abdur Rouf informed that police were on high alert throughout the campus on account of Pahela Boisakh. However, he had no knowledge of any such incident of arrest of students with weapons in possession.

Source: Sheershanews