Chattra League leaders caught red-handed during an arson attack

petrol bomb

Two Chattra League leaders have been caught red-handed during an arson attack in Dinajpur. They are Chattra League secretary of Putimara Union, Nobabganj, Ujjol and a local Chattra League leader, Jobayer. Afterwards they were released by the recommendation of Awami Leaders.
A group of boys hurled petrol bombs at the vehicles in Motihara bazar, on Dinajpur-Dhaka highway, last Friday at 12 am. There was no casualty but police caught two of them red-handed and rest of them escaped. Yesterday when police of Nobabgonj police station were contacted, at first they refused to publish the names. Then they told that, police are preparing to charge a case against them about using illegal motorbikes. But afterwards they were spared due to the recommendation of local Awami league leaders. Moreover three petrol bombs have been seized at the same place, behind a shop in Motihara Bazar right after their discharge.