Chairman of National Human Right commission “Attacks on minorities: Its the government’s tale that liability lies with Jaamat only ”


“Attacks on minorities: Its the government’s tale that  liability lies with Jaamat only ”

S.M. Abid Hossain, correspondent from Avainagar, Jessore: Dr.Mizanur Rahman, chairman of Human Right Commission Bangladesh has stated that to blame only Jammat-Shibir for attacks on minorities is a tale of Government. He said that you can’t escape the liability by blaming jaamat –shibir for attacking minorities. I have a list of miscreants given by local Puja Celebration committee. So don’t feed me the government story.
He made the above comment while inspecting the victims of attack post election of Avainagar, Chapatala, and Malopara on Thursday noon. He said those who commit the heinous act of vandalizing houses and torching temples don’t have any political identity.

He also said if my neighbor behaves like this with me, I wouldn’t be satisfied with them in ten years. Give the name of actual culprit then we can take action against them. He talked with victims who endured loss. He assured them if the victims can’t tell him publicly then they can tell him in secret. It will be easier to take action against the miscreants then.

Chairman of National Human Right commission stated the journalist that in Bangladesh we the Muslim, Hindu, Buddha, Christian all have lived with trust and love to each other. If there is any crack in that faith it will be difficult to restore. It is possible to provide the victim with food and house but not easy to put back belief. 
He asked administration to identify the terrorist and bring them under law to punish as soon as possible.
The directors of Human Right commission, District Commissioner of Jessore, Abdul Malek, Upazila Chairman of Avainagar, and leaders of different social organization were present.

Local time: 1881 hours, 09 January 9, 2014

Source: Translated from Amader Shomoy

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