BNP-led alliance threatens to wage non-stop agitation if prices of gas, electricity raised


Bangladesh Nationalist Party-led alliance on Sunday threatened to launch a nonstop agitation if the government increases prices of gas and electricity from coming January.
‘We will launch a countrywide nonstop programme from the time the government increases the tariff of gas and power,’ acting BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said.
He issued the warning emerging from a secretary general-level meeting of the alliance components at the BNP central office in the afternoon.
Fakhrul, however, did not elaborate the mode of the agitation programme.
‘We want the government not to increase prices of gas and electricity further… the present prices, that has been increased several times during the Awami League regime, are already a burden for the low income people’,
Fakhrul said.
He alleged that the ruling Awami League leaders were indulging in corruption by allowing the quick rental power plants and pocketing public money by raising prices of gas and electricity.
Fakhrul said the oil price in international market plunged but there is no reflection in the country.
The alliance alleged the country’s farmers have been hit hard due to the government’s wrong decision of importing rice despite bountiful production of the food item in the country.
‘Huge quantity of rice is being imported from India as the government has withdrawn duty on import of the main food, depriving local farmers of fair price of their paddy’, Fakhrul said.
Fakhrul said the government has taken a contradictory policy of exporting rice only to say they have achieved food autarky while rice is being imported from neighbouring India.
He said BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia will address a public rally at Kanchpur, adjacent to the capital, on December 13 to drum up peoples’ support for a movement to hold immediate elections under a nonparty caretaker government.
‘Today’s alliance meeting was held to make the rally a success, Fakhrul said.
Sources in the meeting said the alliance leaders discussed about the mode of programme if the prices of gas and electricity are hiked.

Source: New Age